Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Canadian Social Change Podcast, Six Weeks In

Six weeks ago, I announced the launch of a new radio/podcasting project called Talking Radical Radio. It's a weekly, half-hour show that broadcasts in-depth interviews with people involved in a wide range of social change activities across Canada and gives them an opportunity to reflect on what they do, how they do it, and why they do it.

So far the show is exceeding my expectations, and I'm very excited about what it's going to be able to do over the longer term. It is currently podcast on well-known progressive news and analysis site -- you can browse the existing episodes on the Rabble site itself or you can go to this page to subscribe to it using a range of podcatchers, as well as iTunes. It is currently broadcast over the airwaves every Wednesday morning at 8am on 96.7 FM CKLU in Sudbury, Ontario, and I'm hopeful that other campus and community stations will pick the show up as I move forward.

To visit the show's online home, click here. But just for a taste of what I've done in the first six weeks, you can check out on rabble shows about

Upcoming shows will feature the R3 Collective, a group of anti-colonial and social justice-focused musicians and performers; a former student who was a core organizer at an anglophone university in Quebec that in only one year transformed its political culture and successfully took up the general assembly-based organizing model used in the province's francophone universities, in the lead-up to last year's massive and successful student strike; an individual involved in queer organizing in the far north of the country; and, a militant from Winnipeg Cop Watch.

If you know of some kind of neat social change work going on anywhere in Canada (but especially outside of Ontario, and outside of the Vancouver/Montreal/Toronto nexus), please email me at scottneigh(at)!

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