Friday, August 13, 2004

Internet Access and New Updates

Today we are moving out of the house we have been subletting since we moved to LA and making the final transition to the apartment which will house us for the remainder of our stay here. We have been in possession of the apartment for almost a month. We arranged a few weeks in advance with one company to have phone and internet services start a few days ago. In a marvellous demonstration of how hierarchical bureaucracy is just as silly and inefficient when it is a private (i.e. "free" market) tyranny, this company got it right with our phone service but nobody in the internet division bothered to check why our phone line wasn't up immediately after we placed the request. This confused said division. This means the request for internet services is in limbo, and may be in that state for up to two more weeks. There is an internet cafe about 20 minutes walk from our new apartment, so I will not be completely out of the virtual loop, but I may not be posting here as often as I would like in that period.


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