Saturday, December 04, 2004

Radical Division of Labour

A tongue-in-cheek suggestion for a division of labour amongst radicals, which made me laugh partly because I kinda sorta agree:

Yale-based anarchist David Graeber half-jokingly suggests "a systematic division of labour in which Marxists critique the political economy, but stay out of organising, and anarchists handle the day-to-day organising, but defer to Marxists on questions of abstract theory; i.e., in which Marxists explain why the economic crash in Argentina occurred and the anarchists deal with what to do about it."

(This is quoted from a Sustainer Commentary from Z Net called "Crunch time for US capitalism?" by Patrick Bond, available only by subscription so I can't link to the whole thing.)


The Casual Observer said...


Intersting Blog. You poor Canuck and you even got stuck living in the land of fruit and nuts (although you aren't into that land as deep as say Berkley). Anywho, i'll be blogrolling you at the next update.

Scott said...

Thanks! Glad to hear you're enjoying it!