Monday, December 13, 2004

Two Gems from IMC Hamilton

Here are two feature stories of general interest from Hamilton's Independent Media Centre:

  • As I have mentioned before on this site, the Canadian state has decided it is okay to put people in jail without laying charges, publically presenting evidence, or having a trial. Five Muslim men are currently imprisoned in this way. As lawyer Johanne Donyon, who represents secret trial detainee Adil Charkaoui, has said, "It's Kafkaesque, this secret evidence." As well, Montreal Gazette columnist Sue Montgomery has said, "Kafka would have loved it!" Well, according to this latest feature, in a ludicrous and ironic twist, detainee Hassan Almrei has now been denied access to Franz Kafka's classic story, "The Trial."

  • And the other is an interesting short article featuring New York based radical educator John Taylor Gatto, from the folks at Radio Free School.

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The Casual Observer said...

Heh, maybe Canada is following Bush's lead after all...