Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Tsunami Donations

Via Toronto Action for Social Change:

As with much Canadian foreign "aid," it is likely that many of the funds committed by the Canadian government will likely be tied to hiring Canadian companies or subsidiaries in the tsunami-affected areas, so that the monies never reach those most directly affected. Once again, the poor get shafted by the rich who control the purse strings. (After years of starving these areas of the world with their "structural adjustment" poverty-creation policies, why would we believe that the IMF, World Bank, and major capitalist nations would actually be generous enough to provide funds directly to people on the ground and let them decide how to rebuild their lives?)

Via Campesina--an organization closely related to Peoples' Global Action--is collecting funds so that communities affected by the Tsunami can rebuild according to their own needs and visions (which are quite different than those of the G8 and their "aid" agencies)

Please see Via Campesina's appeal for more info on how to donate to tsunami relief through that organization.

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