Saturday, January 08, 2005

White Privilege

Here's a good, basic article on white privilege by white anti-racist activist and educator Tim Wise.

An excerpt:

Of course, what is ultimately overlooked is that denial of one's privilege itself manifests a form of privilege: namely, the privilege of being able to deny another person's reality (a reality to which they speak regularly) and suffer no social consequence as a result.

Whites pay no price, in other words, for dismissing the claims of racism so regularly launched by persons of color, seeing as how the latter have no power to punish such disbelievers at the polls, or in the office suites, or in the schools in most cases.

[This article is a ZNet Commentary, which are generally only for people who pay to become "sustainers" of the site, but Wise links to it from his home page so I feel justified in doing so from here.]

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