Sunday, February 13, 2005

Some Stuff To Read

  • An article about a new book on the history of hip-hop by Jeff Chang, and an excerpt from that book.

  • An interview with Stan Goff. An excerpt:

    The most unfortunate result of the last 20 years of counter-revolution has been the left's loss of its combat edge, if you'll forgive the military language. Many people have taken to whining and putting on hair shirts. But when the conditions are not propitious — which they were not during the disintegration and defeat of first epoch communism — we have to recognize that these are the conditions. By the same token, when the conditions are favourable for intervention from the left, we have to switch out emotional gears, and go back into overdrive. A deep analysis of the current conjuncture, some of us have been arguing, shows a decaying US imperium that is increasingly fragile...

  • A post from Doug Ireland talking about Canada -- the first part is about how the U.S. religious right is invading Canada to oppose the pending full legalization of same-sex marraige, and the second part is about Wal-Mart closing a store in Quebec to prevent unionization.

  • An article by a gay Christian man in Canada illustrating that the "one man and one woman" definition of marriage trotted out by conservatives is not, in fact, based on what the Bible actually has to say about marriage.

  • A personal/political site by "a 36 year old, capricornian, deviant, bajan-born, working class, barbadian-born, immigrant, Black conscious, dark-skinned, fat, out queer, femme, far seer and militant mama who lives, loves, works and struggles here on first nations' land [canada]" who has some pretty powerful and insightful things to say.

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