Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Anarcha Project

My main project involves writing history and producing audio outputs based on interviews with long-time Canadian activists, and I'm always excited to hear about other projects doing similar kinds of things. An email from a friend made me aware of the Anarcha Project. In their own words:

The Anarcha Project is a people's history project consisting of interviews with anarchist and anti-authoritarian people (primarily women and transgender folks) in the continental US from 2003 to 2005. 159 interviews have been completed with people in the continguous 48 states (except the Southeast) as of January 2005. The goal of this project is to record radical history and publish these stories in order to dessiminate unrepresented voices and words. The final product will consist of a book, this website with some audio archives available for free to the public and a historical video collection.

The book will consist of approximately 20 of the interviews I've completed. The interviews will be edited down and reviewed by the person interviewed. There will be quotes from different interviewees regarding topics of interest, like work, sex, activism, etc. I would like the book to be published by a publisher, so it is widely available to the public, but failing that, I am prepared to self-publish. I am looking for an anarchist woman/trans person to design a cover for it, so suggest someone or an idea.

The person behind this project is currently on a tour of the Southeast of the United States doing a last batch of interviews. Not sure if she is still open to new participants, but I'd bet it would be worth a try if you were in the areas she is visiting and were interested. Look here for the call for participation and itinerary for this trip.

A cool, cool project. I can't wait to see the book that comes out of it!

(Thanks to brown rab girl fish for the email telling me about this project.)

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