Thursday, March 10, 2005

Another Lebanon Link

Not sure why exactly I'm feeling the urge to post links to material on Lebanon. Perhaps it's because the things I've heard about it from more moderate alt/indy media spaces in the United States seem to be doing a significantly poorer than usual job of questioning the spin put on events by the Bush administration. Anyway, here's a post by Raed in the Middle talking about the sitaution. In talking about the recent massive pro-Syrian demo, Raed writes:

HALF A MILLION said no to little bushy and his aggressive administration.

You know why?
No, not because we like the Syrian government..
No, not because we like the Iranian government..
We have been fighting against the mistakes and corruption in our national governments since decades, for tens of years. We lost many of our beloved people; We had good times and bad times living in our independent developing countries. My parents took a part in trying to kick the Syrian forces out of Lebanon. We fought against the Syrian presence for years.

BUT, these are OUR problems, and we'll solve them one day on our own.

That last sentence is the key, I think, that the North American liberal/progressive sources/people I've seen sometimes miss.

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