Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A Plug for Radio Free School

I don't get to listen as often as I'd like, but I still like to see what Radio Free School is about each week. I'm posting a plug for the show this week because it includes material that I was involved in producing, from a cd of interviews with political cartoonists that went with an exhibition at the Art Gallery of Hamilton, called "Tooning In: Political Cartooning in Hamilton and Beyond."

Here's an excerpt from the show's weekly update email:

interview(s) - Gord Pullar, Madeleine Kay, Roy Carless*, Joe Ollman*, Jack Lefcourt* (* from "Tooning In: Political Cartooning in Hamilton and Beyond"), Evelyna Kay on Calvin and Hobbes.

"The Crazy Show" - by Madeleine and Bronwyn

music - "Bubblegum," Sonic Youth, EVOL

trip - mountsberg wildlife centre recounted by Madeleine and Bronwyn

editing - Beatrice Ekoko, Madeleine and Randy Kay

RADIO FREE SCHOOL an all volunteer show by, for and about

Un-schoolers/Home Learners. Check out our web site. Contact us at grassroots(at) or P.O. Box 19, 1280 Main Street West, Hamilton ON, L8S 1C0.

You can listen to the show in a variety of's too late to listen to it on the web stream of CFMU, but there are lots of other options:

Every Wednesday at 12 noon to 12:30 pm (EST) on CFMU 93.3 FM - Listen live on the web at;

also on:

Free Radio Santa Cruz 96.3 FM

KRBS-lp 107.1 FM in Oroville, California

Free Radio Asheville, 107.5 fm, North Carolina

Fredericton, New Brunswick on CHSR 97.9 FM

CFUR FM 88.7 UNBC/CNC Campus/Community Radio

CFRU 93.3 FM, Guelph Ontario, Canada.

Radio Lava Lamp from Osaka, Japan at

and searchable for download at Radio4All.

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