Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Some IWD Links

I've come across and/or received some interesting things related to International Women's Day, which it still is in my time zone for a few more hours, and I thought I'd post 'em.

We'll start off with some random women's history links at Early Modern Notes, found via Philbiblion.

Then we'll move into the sexist Bell Canada ad, blogged about at Mouse Words and Feministing, and written about in more detail at Rabble.CA.

And finally some reports from the Canadian Feminist Alliance For International Action on the status of women in Canada (in PDF format):

These links, courtesy of an email from FAIA that came to me via the PAR-L list, demonstrate that:

  • The depth of poverty has intensified for many women in Canada.
  • The last ten federal budgets have overlooked most women's realities.
  • Aboriginal women's human rights are ignored in critical areas in Canada.
  • Political representation of women in elected bodies remains low in Canada.
  • Women's access to justice in Canada has deteriorated

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