Wednesday, April 06, 2005

From Email: Action And Link

An easy e-action from an email on a feminist research list:

The University of Western Ontario has decided to give Dr. Henry Morgentaler an honorary Doctor of Laws degree on June 16. Unfortunately, the university has been getting a large amount of anti-choice mail protesting this decision and slandering Dr. Morgentaler. In contrast, there has been next to no pro-choice mail in support, so far. Dr. Morgentaler is a hero to Canadian women for securing the right to choose abortion in 1988, in the Supreme Court Morgentaler decision that threw out Canada's abortion law.

Could you possibly help with a short, affirming e-mail to the administrators at the university? Below are the names and e-mail addresses of the President of the University and the Chair of the Board of Govenors. It is really important that as many people as possible write to these administrators praising the decision to confer the law degree on Dr. Morgentaler as soon as possible. The anti's are holding a vigil on Wednesday at 2pm. And could you pass this message on to other Canadians who would be willing to take a few moments to send a note of praise? Thank you so much for your support!

Dr. Paul Davenport, President, UWO at pdavenpo(at)

Don McDougall, Chair of Board of Govenors
c/o Jan VanFleet, University Secretary vanfleet(at)

And a link to a blog about a cool project by someone I know a little bit, found via a distribution list I'm on:

I am currently cycling with my brother Steve from Lisbon Portugal - Vietnam. We are filming and documenting organic farms along the way. I want to see as many different ways of growing good clean organic food away from the petrochemical intensive farming that is currently plaguing the world. I am hoping that you can forward this message to the list serve so that anyone who is interested can check out our website and see how we are doing. Our website is TwoHammers and our e-mail address is [EMAIL ADDRESS REMOVED].

I am also wondering if there is anyone out there who would be interested in locating and\or finding contact info for organic farms that will be along our route. Roughly our route is in the areas of Eastern Spain, Southern\Eastern France, Northern Italy, Slovania, Croatia, Southern Hungary, Western Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Iran, Pakistan, Western\Central\Eastern India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and finally Vietnam.

If anyone has any suggestions for contacts, you can send them to me and I'll pass them along. Meanwhile, check out their blog!

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