Saturday, May 14, 2005

Housekeeping Notes

Sunday marks the first anniversary of our move to Los Angeles, and the 19th of this month marks the first anniversary of this blog. To comemorate these things I've been making some changes to the template of the site. The most notable is the addition of links, in the sidebar, to some of the posts from the last year that involve more substantial chunks of original writing by me (though I haven't linked to all of them, so feel free to go back through the archives and browse). As well, I have added links to media sites Dissident Voice and LabourStart. Last week I added the blog Feral Scholar, which is definitely worth checking out.

Further tinkering may occur over the next few days. As well, events over the last month and a bit have made it clear that we will most likely be moving to a new city in early July, one that is back in Canada, and at that point I'm going to have to think about a change in the title of this blog. Suggestions are welcome!

1 comment:

rabfish said...

how about...canadian lefty on occupied land?