Saturday, June 18, 2005


I have updated my sidebar to include links to blogs when you're not around threesomes aren't normal..., Lenin's Tomb, Direland, Wood's Lot, Comeuppance, Labor Blog, and Black Feminism.

I have updated RawStoryQ's name and URL to PageOneQ.

I have added Left Hook, The Dominion, and Seven Oaks to the list of regularly updated alt/indy media sites.

I have created a new category for interesting publications that are not updated or published all that frequently. To this category I have added Canadian Dimension, Briarpatch, Alternatives Journal, Monthly Review, New Left Review, Colorlines, Labour/Le Travail, and New Internationalist.

I have added a new category for sites belonging to activists or activist groups, or other sites devoted to content that remain relatively static but are still useful, cool, inspiring, revolutionary, or otherwise worth checking out. To this category I have added Women of Color Web, XY: Men, Masculinites, and Gender Politics, Homes Not Bombs, Ontario Coalition Against Poverty, and This category deserves many more additions, I think...

That's all for now, though!

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r/r said...

nice links and good work