Thursday, August 25, 2005

Personal Coincidences

I've had a string of them in the last few days...or, if not exactly coincidences, then unexpected connections.

A person who does environmental research in Sudbury stumbled across the web site of a group in Hamilton, and the contact person there just happens to be someone I know. She talked to him, and he mentioned that he knew someone in Sudbury that might be useful for her to talk to in her project. He also mentioned I was new to the city. She also just happens to organize a "meet-up" kind of a group for folks who are new to Sudbury, being relatively new herself. She invited me to attend an event. I went last night and had a good time. Among the ten people present I discovered one whom I had actually met before a few times when she and I both lived in Hamilton and another who, next Monday, will be moving right across the street from our place in Sudbury.

Then today I went to the strike support action mentioned a few posts back. I didn't stick around long because L fell asleep and I wanted to maximize my work time (though he didn't sleep long once I got home, unfortunately, so it was for naught). Someone I half expected to see there but don't really know yet was newly back from a trip out east, and he told me that on his trip he had visited with someone from that part of the country who I have been in touch with about providing an endorsement for my project, whom I didn't know he knew. And while talking to him, a local labour leader overheard him say my name -- this is a guy I have emailed briefly and who I want to talk with at greater length, but with whom I had not yet been able to connect with in person or on the phone (and I was referred to this labour leader by one of my project participants).

I suppose the lesson is that it's a small world. Or a small city. Or a small Canadian left. Or something.

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