Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Strike Support Action in Sudbury

Hydro workers are on strike and they need our support!

This event is just a hop, skip, and a jump from where we live, so L and I will definitely be dropping by tomorrow and showing some solidarity with these workers who have already been on the line for three months. Here are some details:

Support rally this Thursday, August 25th, for Hydro workers - gather at 10:45am outside the Steelworker's Hall on Frood Road and then march to cabinet minister Bartolucci's office.

Hi ______,

As I explained, we have been on strike for almost 3 months with no end in sight. The employer is trying to:

  • put in place a 2 tier benefit plan. This would cut the pay and benefits to all new hires. This is against the law in Quebec.
  • increase the hours of work from 35 to 39 hours without an increase pay for all employees. This results in us having to work an extra 25 days a year.
  • break the union by not negotiating. We rejected an offer on April 8 with 95% of the members voting and 97 % rejecting the offer. On July 27, the employer took the same offer, changed the date and crossed out guaranteed employment, then gave it to our negotiating team. They couldn't believe after 2 months the employer came back with less.

We would like to hold a rally and walk to Mr. Barolucci office on Thursday Aug. 25 at 11:00. We will meet outside the Steelworkers hall on Frood road.

If you are in the area, please join this event!

(Found via Sudbury social justice news email list.)

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