Wednesday, October 19, 2005


L and I just spotted the first snow of the year!

Yes, I know, a seasonsed veteran of the north would just grunt and ask what took it so long, but we spent last winter in Los Angeles, so the first snowfall feels a little bit more worthy of note, this year.


SR said...

I saw it too, and wondered if you guys would notice it....what did L think? Did he spontaneously identify it? I think it must have been last Christmas when we last saw any snow, eh?

Scott said...

He didn't notice it on his own and was not terribly impressed, but later did spontaneously mention it a couple of times. Wait until we have some that stays on the ground...then he'll have more to say, I would think.

radio free school said...

first snow will always be important! - but it is more fun when it stays on the ground.