Friday, November 11, 2005

Another Poverty Tidbit

Some depressing statistics on transfer of wealth from poor to rich in Ontario, taken from an email sent around by an organizer with OCAP:

In 1995, just as the 21.6% cut to welfare was about to happen, OCAP organized a march from the poor neighbourhood of Regent Park up to LG, Hal Jackman's home in the ultra rich area of Rosedale. Research done by a Cit Councillor's office at the time revealed that, if you took the tax cut to the rich and the reduction in welfare payments as they applied to those two place, $1 million a month was being taken from Regent Park and given to Rosedale. In ten years, $120 million has changed hands between two Toronto communities. An Ontario wide figure would boggle the mind.

When we did the feast for the Homeless in Yorkville just before the Liberals took office, research by the CAW showed that the tax break a $1 million a year CEO would get in Ontario was the same as the cut in income that 17 single parent families on welfare had experienced.

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