Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More Rally Coverage

This time from The Sudbury Star. Not a bad article, all in all.

This sentence bugs me: "Anti-poverty activists have been using the allowance to supplement welfare recipients’ incomes, which they say don’t provide enough money to buy nutritious food for themselves and their families" (emphasis added). Try including the numbers for average rent plus nutritious food basket (both government numbers) and compare them to social assistance rates...as Mos Def says in his track about Hurricane Katrina, "No opinion, man, it's mathematical fact."

It still presents the use that the Ontario Common Front has been making of the dietary supplement as being taking advantage of a loophole, which it patently is not, rather than telling people about the existence of a perfectly legitimate tool to feed their families and having the health impacts of not accessing it verified by liscenced medical professionals.

I think it is also striking that not a single person on assistance was quoted in this article, despite the fact that two or three spoke at the initial rally and quite a number more were in attendance.

Still, like I said, not a bad article for the dominant media.

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