Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Another Rape Link

I don't like going too heavy on posts that are basically "Hey, look at this!" but here's my second in a row on the same topic: Please check out this immensely brave post at Marginal Notes telling of one woman's experience with rape and subsequent navigation of "a culture that sanctions violence against women, and punishes women who try to resist."

As well, here is a classic essay on rape by Andrea Dworkin cited in both the link above and in the (imperfect) essay I linked to in my last post.


hollowentry said...


Thanks for the link to the Dworkin essay. Hadn't read it.

American journalist Lyn Duf has been writing on the rape of Haitian women at the hands of police forces in the New Improved and Occupied Haiti:


Something Canadian voters should be demanding to know more about.

Scott said...

Great's very important to get Canadians to recognize our role in very direct, very current colonial violence, and to show the central place of gendered and sexualized violence in processes of colonial domination. Thanks!