Monday, January 09, 2006

Cool New Blog

I'd like to direct readers' attention to a new blog that just started up a few days ago, One Tenacious Baby Mama. The author-in-charge at OTBM is T.J. of, a site I have had a link to in my sidebar for some time and a repository of lots of great radical writing. She described the new blog in an email as "a lefty pregnancy, birth and parenting site" and it looks to be one very worth visiting regularly.

From her introductory post:

I know I'm pretty much screaming "Ostracize me!" from any online birthing communities and ignore my work/words by refusing to comprehend any sort of mama critique simultaneously including Blackness, queerness, non-monogamies, pregnancy, birthing and homebirth all in one. But that's my life.


What this blog will attempt:

  • To show complex signs and indicators of (my mothering) life

  • To add to the information already published online in a way that appeals to anyone interested in pregnancy and birth while deconstructing the whole white mother and child as birthing, pregnancy and mother/child relationship epitome, father as child and woman owner patriarchal paradigm so prominent in most of the sites I visit.

  • I want to include my birth plan, which is fairly hefty, since I'm verbose and very anal.

  • I'd also like to talk about my visits to see the midwives and about why I chose midwifery and a homebirth over the OB and the hospital.

  • I want to download my belly pictures and pictures of my birth.

  • I also want to see if there'll be anyway to include the video Kunle will hopefully shoot at the time of the birth, as well.

Check it out! And while you're at it, check out her essay, Mama Work: Transgressing Toward The Future, written shortly after the birth of her first child.

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