Sunday, January 29, 2006

Tag, I'm It

Well, now. I have been blogging for some time, but this is my first experience of being tagged with a meme. It was Tenacious over at One Tenacious Baby Mama who tagged me. The way I understand it, there are four questions, to which I am supposed to provide four answers each, before passing the meme on to four other lucky people.

Four vehicles you've owned
a brand new bike that got stolen within two weeks, a used bike to replace it with, a silver-coloured (in honour of the silver jubilee -- yuck!) toy double decker bus supposedly given to me by my newborn sister (I was skeptical even at three that a newborn had bought me a bus), and (stealing this answer from Tenacious 'cause I like it) a computer that takes me all sorts of places

Four jobs you've had
dishwasher (saw my employers brandish knives at one another), magazine seller (as much as I enjoyed the job, on long shifts felt the uniform glossy aesthetic that surrounded me corroding my sanity), social planner (learned lots that my employer didn't intend...about hegemony, 'soft' social control, the poverty industry, and drinking beer), teaching assistant (relearned how scary some people's (mis)understanding of the world is)

Four places you've lived
Eaglesham (Scotland), Wellesley, Los Angeles, Ottawa

Four vacations you've taken
the middle-class clichee but still fun post-university trip to Europe from which I brought back a postcard of a portrait of Lorenzo Di Medici as my only souvenir (I have no idea why, except that he was a creepy looking dude, and I still have it hanging in my office), week-long solo retreat to a provincial park where I was menaced by a racoon the size of a pony, week-long solo retreat to downtown Ottawa which was much less relaxing than the provincial park but with better access to pubs, crazy sleep-deprived driving trip to the east coast with frequent stops to take picture of my co-travellers beside tacky roadside attractions

So I'm not sure about the etiquette of tagging others, so I'll just go ahead and name four blogs whose owners occasionally stop by here, and they can take the baton and run or they can pretend they haven't seen it.

Brown Rab Girl Fish
Impetus Java House


Ricia said...

just noticed this! i took it to the Green Room:

Dark Daughta said...

I'm glad you received my tag well. I have to go read some of your posts now.

Scott said...

Hi Ricia...thanks!

No problem, was a pleasure to have an excuse to do a lighter sort of post than I usually do. Hope you enjoy the other posts you take a look at!

Annamarie said...

Scott, I just noticed that you've tagged me as well. To what questions am I supposed to respond, and how do I go about doing this? Do I just follow your example, and answer the questions you did? After I've answered, do I then go and tag some more bloggers? How many? Whom?

As you can see, I'm very new to all this, and a real 'greenhorn'!

Any suggestions by you or your commenters/readers would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks!

Yours is a great blog, with excellent content.

Take care.
Annamarie Deneen~


DesertPeace said...

OK... I'm tagged... what do I do now?

Scott said...

As far as I understand it you take the four questions (okay, I didn't really phrase them in the form of a question) that are in bold in my post, answer them as literally or obtusely or creatively or humorously or insightfully as you desire, then choose four other bloggers and pass it on to them.

Like I said in the post, it's my first time for this too!

Annamarie said...

Scott, I did the 'meme' thing. Here's the link to the questions and my answers:

Hope my answers are ok.

Annamarie said...


Scott, how will the four bloggers that I tagged know they've been tagged? Do I have to let them know on their sites, or they'll just have to read mine to know? Or do I have to post it in my Progressives Diary?

Please advise.

The bloggers I tagged are:

Zaphod's Heads,
Red Tory,
The Green Canuck,
Terry Glavin.

Take care.

Scott said...

Hi Annamarie...I think it's up to you how to let them know. I just put up the post and waited but you could let them know in some other way, I said, I'm not too sure of the etiquette myself!