Monday, February 27, 2006

Anarchist Quote

Each step towards economic freedom, each victory won over capitalism will be at the same time a step towards political liberty...and each step made towards taking from the State any one of its powers and attributes will be helping the masses to win a victory over Capitalism.

-- Peter Kropotkin


Ricia said...


I am trying to garner writing contributions in my latest post. There are only a few of you I'm petitioning specifically - I'd like to generate some diversity in viewpoints - but you are one of them. Interested?

Scott said...

Hi Ricia!

Yep, I'm interested. It's such a broad topic that I'm not sure exactly how I'll approach it, but I will definitely give it some thought. Any more specific suggestions about how you, as the host, might like to see the topic approached, beyond what you've said in the post on your site?

Anyway, like I said, I'll think about it and try to come up with something!

Ricia said...

I always think it's best to focus around that which your current interest lay.

As for suggestions.. and considering the above.. maybe there is relevance to Canadian Social Movements yesterday or today? (That is certainly something most folks don't have any insights on!) Families and the family structure.. how childcare issues play into or engenders power / structural issues... ? Something close 'to your heart' or on the forefront of your mind...?

Two or three are writing about separation and Intentional Communities (geo or otherwise). I've skimmed over popular debate references regarding economics, in the past.

It is all pretty open - you are free to create your own sub-topic or offer another perspective tackling existing topics.. there is lots of material to comment on re: "current events" that relate to power issues and structures / dynamics...

Am I helping or hindering?!

It's all yours. Whatever takes hold of you.

: )