Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Public Child Care Petition

It's only a petition when really movement building is what's needed, but it can't hurt, right? Here's what you'd be putting your name to:

We are calling on you to work together to honour the promise of a national child care program. The place to start is by protecting the early learning and child care agreements between the Government of Canada and the provinces. The federal-provincial agreements on child care were negotiated in good faith. They lay a foundation for a full system of early learning and child care that can meet the needs of all Canadian families. Canceling them sets back the development of a national child care program for years to come, leaving families with young children to fend for themselves. Breaking federal-provincial child care agreements would be a breach of public trust and would lead to a cut of almost $4 billion from child care funding. The federal election results were not a mandate to turn back the clock on child care. While income support for families is a valid policy goal, a taxable family allowance and a tax credit for employers will not create early learning and child care services that are high quality, available and affordable. Families need income supports and publicly funded child care services. We call on all governments to protect and enhance progress on child care.

Please sign on!


FurGaia said...

I have signed. I'll link to it whenever I leave a comment on other blogs. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Wendy said...

Although two people have sent me the link, plus finding it here, I can't get past the homepage to sign.


Scott said...

Hmmmm...that's odd...maybe something about how they've designed it doesn't work in the particular browser you're using, or something...maybe try it in a different browser?