Friday, February 03, 2006

Rebick After The Election

I'm sometimes a bit dubious about Rabble.CA and some of the editorial choices that it makes, but I quite like this post election analysis by founder and publisher Judy Rebick. I admit that I have not been immune to the "Well, it could be worse" school of response to the election outcome, which I still think is technically accurate but admit might not be the best grounding for making decisions about what to do next.

I really like Rebick's emphasis on independent social movement activity, including pressure on the social democrats. She argues that "the election was a disaster for progressive ideas and movements in Canada" and "the NDP ran the most right-wing electoral campaign in recent memory... On three issues the NDP not only broke with party policy but seriously undermined the alliance between the social movements and [the] party..."

Anyay, worth a read. I'm headed out of town in about ten minutes. I may be able to grab an hour while I'm gone, perhaps tomorrow afternoon, to finish that original writing post I've been working at.

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