Saturday, March 18, 2006

Come To Sudbury Anti-Poverty Action!

If you are in Sudbury or can make it here on March 22, please consider participating in the following action that seeks an increase to the criminally low social assistance rates in Ontario.

Anti-Hunger/Anti-Poverty Rally and March

Wed. March 22
Feeder March 11:30am from the Samaritan Centre
Rally: 12 noon. Provincial Building (corner of Larch and Paris). Free Food.

It is time to show the Ontario Liberal government they cannot take food from poor families without facing popular unrest. We need an immediate raise in social assistance rates by 40% just to get back what they took from us since 1995. They recently slashed the Special Diet Supplement making it harder for people to get the money they need to survive.

Come out and participate in the rally and in a women and children led march highlighting the impact of poverty in the lives of women and children. The government must be told it cannot get away with starving people and the families on welfare or disability. It is time for action, its time to take our message to those who are continuing the Tory war on the poor.


Supported by Mine Mill/CAW Local 598 and many others.
Bus tickets and child-care funding support available at the rally.
Contact: Website:

Hope to see you there!


The Canadian said...

Progressive volunteer writers and editors needed.

DesertPeace said...

Sudbury Rocks!
It always did!!

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