Friday, March 24, 2006

Feral Scholar » Gulf Coast Peace Train

To balance out the unfortunate revolutionary machismo in the report on the local Sudbury action I borrowed and pasted into my post yesterday, and because I encouraged people to support it even though it happened half a continent away from where I live, here is a report from Stan Goff on the Veterans and Survivors March along the Gulf Coast to New Orleans.

An excerpt:

And there was dancing. We danced down the Gulf Coast. Ask anyone who was there. We danced in Prichard. We danced along the highway during breaks when the Iraq vets would pull out their drums. We danced in a relief worker camp and in a soccer field. We danced down the streets of Slidell to drums, a tuba, and a tenor sax. We danced in Congo Square. We swayed and clapped to the sounds of church choirs.

Sounds like it was an amazing action.

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