Saturday, April 08, 2006

Education Quote

Once upon a time twin giants were born. One was evil and one was good. Because they both had the same name people had trouble telling them apart. The evil twin tricked people by saying he was the good giant. He tried to change people so that they would be just like him. He always pretended to know what was right and told children they were stupid and bad. He ate most of the children who met him, but he kept a few favourites and made them fat and arrogant.

The good giant tried to help people. He made children happy and helped them find answers to their questions. The children who met this giant grew strong and wise. As the children grew older and became adults, the good giant remained their friend and they were always welcome at his house.

Of course both giants were named education. We must know the difference between these two giants if we are to stop gambling with our children's lives.

-- Eber Hampton

Hampton is talking specifically about the relationship between indigenous peoples in North America and the various things that the word "education" can mean, but there is definite relevance to other peoples as well.

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