Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Hamilton Quote

A little snippet of history from the city I lived in for a decade:

[During World War II] [m]unicipal authorities, too, were often eager to suppress dissent.... [O]ne of the most extreme cases of the hysteria virus infected the municipality of Hamilton, Ontario. Its board of control demanded legislation 'which would disfranchise all citizens found to be members of or associated with, any club, group, society or organization, which has objects considered prejudicial to the good government of Canada and the prosecution of the war.' One of the board members noted that, in his mind at least, the resolution was intended to include not just Communists and Nazis but also the advocates of 'pacifism, disarmament and brotherly love.' (Quote from Lambertson, Repression and Resistance, p. 71)

Ahhhhh, Hamilton...

(And in case you're wondering, "board of control" was the name for a subset of city council that functioned something like an executive committee -- at the time it would've been four people plus the mayor, or maybe four people including the mayor, I don't remember.)


radio free school said...

Scott, I am so glad to see that quote - I heard Matthew Behrens use it several years ago but never got the source. I love it (well, you know what i mean)

Randy from Hamilton

Scott said...

Hi Randy! Yeah, I thought it sounded familiar when I read it but couldn't place where I'd come across it before, but I think it must also have been Matthew that I heard it from.

Glad you were happy (sort of!) to see it!

SN 8)