Friday, July 21, 2006

Petition Against Stephen Harper's Support For Terrorism

I disagree with the left nationalist construction of "Canada" in which much of this is grounded -- there has never been a "Canadian tradition of independent thought and action regarding international diplomacy" that has gone beyond details, for example -- and it's always highly questionable what can be accomplished by signing a petition when it is about something like state complicity in imperialism rather than, say, getting a stop sign on your street, but I still signed it and think others should too. Here's the text:

Shame on you, Mr. Harper

THE ISRAELI WAR ON LEBANON IS NOT MEASURED. The deliberate targeting by the Israeli army of civilian dwellings, cars, and food convoys, the destruction of roads and civilian infrastructure, and the consequent death of hundreds of civilians is neither justified self-defence, nor does it constitute a moderate response, Mr. Harper. “This is unequivocally a war of choice”, states Israeli columnist Gideon Levy, a choice to destroy any political force that resists its occupation of Arab lands. The idea that this is self-defence or a response to aggression is either na├»ve or cynical distortion.

IT IS NOT FAIR. On July 18th you claimed that violence is not the solution. Why doesn’t this apply to Israeli violence? Are you comparing the capture of two soldiers with the destruction of a whole country? After all, Israel has also captured several Lebanese, not to mention the 9000 Palestinians in Israeli jails, including members of the Palestinian parliament. Would this be a reason to destroy Israel? Do you realize the depth of your bias, Mr. Harper?

IT IS NOT SELF-DEFENCE. The crisis did not begin with the capture of two Israeli soldiers. It is part of the larger Middle East conflict. It started with the expulsion of two-thirds of the Palestinian population in 1948, and it was exacerbated in the 1967 war when Israel occupied the West Bank and Gaza. “An underlying reason that years of U.S. diplomacy have failed and violence in the Middle East persists is that some Israeli leaders continue to create facts by building settlements in occupied territory”, stated former President Jimmy Carter (Washington Post, November 26, 2000). The violence that we witness today is a result of Israel’s desire to enforce its occupation. It is not self-defence.

SUPPORTING IT IS NOT CANADIAN. We, Canadians from diverse backgrounds, including Jews and Israeli Canadians, Arab Canadians (Muslims, Christians and Jews), English and French Canadians, and immigrants are outraged at your blind support for a policy of aggression that has resulted in the death of hundreds of civilians and massive destruction. Your government’s position is not fostering peace in the region nor Canada's reputation as an honest broker.

WE DEMAND that the Government of Canada stop supporting Israeli violence, whose destructive power is far more lethal than the combined violence used by militant non-state groups. We demand that Canada adopt an objective position, based on international law as well as Canada's historical reputation as a peacemaker – fostering a Canadian tradition of independent thought and action regarding international diplomacy – as opposed to support for an unjustified war and a brutal occupation.

Sign it here.

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TJ Boyd said...

This Country (canada) is like a blind man being led around by a liar (Harper)

Harper's 'measured' response really means 'calculated' as in how much money he and his oil and arms industry cronies will make each day that the war continues.