Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Movement History Site Update

Thought I'd let folks who read this site know that I just updated my social movement history project's site for the first time in, well, far too long. Here's what I had to say about how things have gone in the last number of months:

Oh dear...once again I have been rather lax in noting project progress on this site, though the project has still been moving along. The summer was, admittedly, rather slow, with frequent trips out of town interrupting my momentum, another writing project taking a chunk of time, and primary attention going to a pre-schooler who is becoming less and less amenable to convenient nap times. However, his first morning of pre-school (three mornings a week for the time being) was today, and I'm looking forward to having reliable, large blocks of time during the day to push this project forward. In any case, after the last update I finally received feedback on the chapters representing my model at that time. This feedback was extremely helpful and allowed me to further clarify my approach, prompting a further refinement of how each chapter will be structured (which of course will require some further rewriting of those three). This should make them flow more smoothly and be more accessible to readers. I wrote a chapter from scratch using this very newest model -- the chapter which will serve as the first chapter of the book, in fact. And just today I finished a draft of the revised book proposal that is sufficiently polished to hand off to my partner for comment. The next step is to tinker with and/or rewrite the sample material from the book itself that will accompany the proposal, and then send it all off. I did have a publisher in mind but a friend and supporter of the project made an interesting suggestion I had not previously considered so I am taking a few days to reflect on where exactly I should send it. In any case, I'm hoping it goes out in a few weeks. And as always, I promise I will do my best to update this site on a more regular basis...hopefully with the more reliable and prime work time at my disposal during the week now, that statement can turn into more than just empty words!

If you are curious about exactly what the project entails, please visit the site, poke around, read about the background and the participants, and even email me with any questions you might have!

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