Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Quote: Pan Africanism

Without self-determination, the natural predisposition of a colonized or oppressed people, it is impossible for people to realize their own human aspirations; otherwise, they must constantly assist in the realization of the dreams and projects of others. That is why any progressive struggle begins somewhere specific, with a particular group, but can be related to the struggles of other groups, especially if the patterns of subordination are similar and eminate from the same source.

Thus, the struggle for Pan African self-determination is a sine qua non to the possession of the necessary resources and disposition to enter into larger struggles for change and to rid the world of those forces that stand against the movement toward an enlightened living situation for humanity. Thus, while the cultural nationalism implied in the philosophy of Pan Africanism may be considered parochial or "narrowly" directed toward people of African descent, in fact, it is very broad, both because Africans are global people and because by helping themselves they position themselves to be of the greatest service to others. In fact, part of the task of demystifying the "progressive" pretentions of a political struggle is to admit that no struggle is largely altruistic, that all struggles are, in the first instance, local and particularistic in nature, and that whether they have wider significance depends not alone upon ideological declarations, but upon the character of the struggle -- whether or not those involved have the resources to utilize in that manner.

-- Ronald W. Walters

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Anonymous said...

I have only one point to make and it is this:An armed alliance of Pan Africans must take the continent. If Africans must die let it be for a future when no African will raise his hand against another and no neocolonialist will set foot on african soil. A pro African revolution by any means neccessary. If weapons and tactics are scarce I think African American Military and like thinking Angolan military or even cuban or west indian warriors could put together a force and do as the Zionists did and take what you need. Atleast we will take Africa for Africans. South of the Sahara as far north as Sadan/Ethiopia as far south as the cape. Any one that is serious should post reply. Of course any one espousing what I am will be discredited or worse so this will be my only post.