Saturday, November 18, 2006

Donate In Solidarity With Oaxaca

To donate money to support the struggles currently raging in Oaxaca, particularly those in rural and indigenous communities rather than in the city of Oaxaca itself, click here. Here are a couple of paragraphs talking about the effort: and are collaborating on a Oaxaca solidarity fundraising strategy, which is based in contributing media resources and medical supplies to some of Oaxaca’s most remote indigenous farm-worker communities. The organizations we are directly contributing to are CODEP-APPO, COMPA, OIDHO and AMZ. The paramilitary violence highlighted by the recent assassination of NYC Indymedia journalist Brad Will, has been an all too prevalent reality for Oaxaca’s indigenous communities.

Most of the attention and aid going to Oaxaca today is concentrated in the state’s capital, as a result of recent clashes there. However, the history and future of paramilitary violence in Oaxaca is rooted in the natural resource extraction of its most remote communities. The strategic displacement of these communities, in order to gain access to their resources, and subsequently to their cheap labor, is the driving force behind paramilitary violence today. Communities who organize and resist this violence are met with brute police force.

(Found via this post at Women of Color Blog.)

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