Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Another Update on Police Violence in Sudbury

Just received the following info on today's court date, which I was unable to attend due to L's napping schedule, involving the charges laid against two Sudbury youth who experienced violence at the hands of the local police last summer:

Okay, so today we were expecting the prosecutor to announce their decision as to whether or not they would drop all the charges, or decide to have some or all of them stick and go to trial.

Suprisingly, this did not happen. Instead the prosecutor postponed their decision.

We found out that the prosecutor is stalling and continues to try and figure out whether it would publically look better for them to drop the charges or go to trial. They are feeling some pressure and want this case to go away out of the public eye. They want it out of the media and for us to stop making clear that the police harassment and brutality that Shawn and I experienced happens all the time to marginalized people.

About 14 supporters came to the courtoom and piled pressure onto the prosecutor making it clear that people are still watching how this case is handled, and demonstrating that people have not lost interest or turned away from the case. Stall tactics are not going to make people forget about routine police violence and harassment.

In their time of indecision, we put pressure on them to DROP THE CHARGES!

We held a media conference before and after court on the steps of the courthouse, where people held up pictures of my injuries to denounce the disgusting actions of police brutality and routine harassment that is frequently used against sex workers, street kids, poor people, queer people, native peoples, people of colour, and other marginalized peoples.

We will send out another email to let people know what is happening for the next court date which is on January 17 at 1:30 pm in Courtoom B.

in love and rage,


I'll try and post any mainstream media coverage that might result from the media conferences if I have time, and of course I will post further updates on the court appearance in January as it approaches -- keep your calendar free!


Anonymous said...

Your six month time limit to file a complain and sue the cops is about to expire. You should've sued them already. The police were trespassing; not you.

Scott said...

Hi anonymous...thanks for the suggestions, though they are not my decisions to make. Certainly any decision to launch a formal complaint will have to happen very soon, though a civil lawsuit need not be initiated within that same time window.