Friday, December 08, 2006

Support Survivors of Police Violence

If you are in the area, please come to this event on Monday and support youth who experienced violence at the hands of the Sudbury police last summer:

Community Gathering to Support Ander Reszczynski and to Oppose Police Brutality

Monday, Dec. 11th, 11:30am . Outside the Sudbury Court House on Elgin.

On December 11, 2006 Ander Reszczynski (aka Amber) will appear for a meeting at the Sudbury Court House on Elm Street (This is not the preliminary hearing as was previously suggested). The Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty (S-CAP) and community supporters of Ander are asking all people opposed to police brutality to gather at 11:30am for a 20 minute community gathering outside the Court House to support Ander and to oppose police brutality.

Five months ago on June 26th Ander and Shawn Pelltier were verbally harassed and then physically assaulted by the Sudbury Police. Before the Police physically assaulted them, Ander and Shawn asked the police if they had prior permission to patrol the area, or if they had recieved a complaint. The police answered no to both questions. It is important to note here that the Grotto only put up a no trespassing sign three days after the arrests took place, and the police only acquired permission to patrol the area after the arrests took place.

That night, the police took it upon themselves to smash Ander's face into the slag-filled driveway causing deep bruising and facial scarring, to slam Shawn's head numerous times against the hood of their cruiser, and to throw them both around. They were falsely arrested on a trespass charge. After searching for more charges to back up their violence, the police charged them with 'mischief,' 'resist arrest,' and charged Shawn with 'assault on an officer.'

We know that this kind of police profiling of young people that look poor, people who sleep outside, sex workers, people of colour and native people, queer people and people with disabilities is commonplace becaue we have heard countless stories from people who have experienced this as a reality in their lives. What the police did to Shawn and Ander is just one small example of their violent street sweeps, oppressive practices and routine harassment against people in our communities.

Let us show the police and the Crown that we will not accept routine harassment and beatings in our community! Come out on December 11th, at 11:30 outside the courthouse on Elm!


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