Saturday, February 17, 2007

Sudbury Police Violence Update

On this site, I have been periodically following developments in a local case in which two youth were subjected to police harassment and violence last summer and then charged with absurd things. It looks like those charges are about to be dropped. If you are in Sudbury on February 21st, please stop by the court house to help us make a strong final statement against police violence!

Here is the latest from Ander:

Hi Everyone.

After nine months of filling courtrooms, holding community
gatherings, handing out ‘know your rights’ pamphlets,
postering the city, holding rallies, snickering and
giggling inside courtrooms, doing media work, and lots of
personal support, it looks like the charges against Ander
and Shawn are going to be dropped on February 21 at 1:30
in courtroom B!

This is the result of huge amounts of work on the part of
S-CAP, communities and individual people mobilizing around
this case to denounce routine police violence and put
pressure on the courts to drop the charges.

I am asking that people come out and fill the courtroom
to the brim- wall to wall! After this, there is going to
be an S-CAP rally on the steps of the courthouse for a
media conference.

Being the final ‘episode’ in this particular (criminal)
court, it’s important that we make a strong last stand to
speak out against routine police violence and harassment
directed towards marginalized peoples.


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