Sunday, April 22, 2007

Canadian Vets and Military Families Speaking Out Against War

One of the most important sources of energy, conviction, inspiration, and mobilization in the peace movement in the United States has been from veterans and from families of people serving in the military. As Canada's involvement in the recolonization of Afghanistan drags on, soldiers, veterans, and their families will become increasingly important in opposing Canada's involvement in war, militarism, and empire.

In fact, it has already started, as shown by these YouTube videos of speakers at a Canadian Peace Alliance conference last November:

  • Andria Hill-Lehr, whose son at the time of this speech was preparing to deploy to Afghanistan
  • Francisco Juarez (Part One)(Part Two), a former member of the Canadian military and an officer candidate who was training for voluntary deployment to Afghanistan when he decided his conscience required him to refuse to participate in a mission of this sort

Check out these videos...there are sure to be many, many more in the years to come unless we can force our government to bring the troops home now.

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