Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Two Sudbury Events

One of them is in support of U.S. war resisters who are seeking refugee status in Canada, and the other is a small effort at settler solidarity with indigenous struggle via providing an opportunity for people, especially settlers, to educate ourselves a little bit about some important history in advance of the June 29th national day of action.

First, the "Soldiers for Peace Speaking Tour"...I haven't been involved in this but I certainly intend to go to the evening event and hear what they have to say:

Le document en français suit le texte en anglais.

Soldiers for Peace Tour, 2007
U.S. war resisters speak at Laurentian

The War Resisters Support Campaign of Sudbury welcomes American War Resisters Chris and Stephanie Teske, and Brandon Hughey, who will speak at Laurentian University on Friday, June 22, at noon, in room C-205 of the Classroom Building. They will also speak on Thursday, June 21, at 6:30 p.m., at the main branch of the Greater Sudbury Public Library (downstairs), on Mackenzie Street. Mayor John Rodriguez will introduce them in a personal capacity at the Laurentian presentation this Friday.

Chris Teske, a native of New York State, served twice in Afghanistan and was honourably discharged from the American army in 2004. In early 2006 he was involuntarily recalled from civilian life to serve in Iraq. When his objections to the war fell upon deaf ears, he and his wife Stephanie arrived in Canada seeking refuge within weeks.

Brandon Hughey arrived in Canada in 2004. He is one of the first Iraq war resisters to arrive here. In their struggle for sanctuary in Canada, he and fellow war resister, Jeremy Hinzman, have received leave to bring their cases before the Supreme Court of Canada.

As the tide of American public opinion turns against the war in Iraq, it is important that we hear the voices of Americans whose knowledge of and objections to their country’s “War on Terror” have lead them to live in a precarious exile here in Canada.

For more information, please contact Alan Shandro, ext. 4328, or Aurélie Lacassagne, ext. 4326, Department of Political Science, Laurentian University.


Tournée « Soldats pour la Paix », 2007 :
Paroles d’objecteurs de conscience américains

La Campagne d’Appui aux Objecteurs de Conscience de Sudbury accueillera les objecteurs de conscience américains Chris et Stéphanie Teske, et Brandon Hughey à l’Université Laurentienne le vendredi 22 juin 2007, à midi, dans la salle C-205 de l’Édifice des arts. Ils offriront également une présentation ce jeudi 21 juin à 18 h 30 à la succursale principale de la bibliothèque publique du Grand Sudbury, rue Mackenzie (salle du sous-sol). Le maire John Rodriguez accueillera les invités à titre personnel à l’université ce vendredi.

Chris Teske, natif de l’état de New York, a servi deux fois en Afghanistan et a été rendu à la vie civile par l’armée américaine en 2004. Au début de l’année 2006, il a été rappelé contre son grès pour aller servir en Irak. Voyant que ses objections à la guerre n’étaient pas entendues, lui et sa femme Stéphanie sont arrivés quelques semaines après au Canada pour trouver refuge.

Brandon Hughey est arrivé au Canada en 2004. Il est un des cinq premiers objecteurs de conscience à la guerre en Irak arrivés chez nous. Dans leur bataille pour trouver refuge au Canada, lui et son collègue objecteur de conscience, Jeremy Hinzman, ont été autorisés à plaider leur cause devant la Cour Suprême du Canada.

A l’heure où l’opinion publique américaine devient de plus en plus critique à l’égard de la guerre en Irak, il est important que nous puissions entendre la parole d’Américains dont la connaissance et leurs objections à la « Guerre contre le terrorisme » menée par leur pays, les ont menés à un exil précaire au Canada.

Pour plus d’informations, veuillez communiquer avec Aurélie Lacassagne, poste 4326, ou encore avec Alan Shandro, poste 4328, Département de science politique, Université Laurentienne.

And then the indigenous solidarity event, which is being organized in part by the anti-war/anti-occupation group of which I am a part:

An Evening of Solidarity With First Nations Struggles

Heard about the Day of Action called by the Assembly of First Nations for June 29th?

The land reclamation by the Six Nations people in Caledonia, Ontario?

Other aspects of indigenous struggle?

Want to learn more about the history and show support in the present?

Learn about one past struggle by coming to a screening of the film...

Kanehsatake: 270 Years of Resistance
Wednesday, June 27th, 7 pm sharp
McNaughton Room, 4th Floor
St. Andrew's Place, 111 Larch Street

The evening will also include drumming and some introductory words from Ojibwe Elder Barb Riley on the importance of land claims. Sponsored by the March 17th Anti-War Committee and the First Peoples National Party of Canada.

For more information no this latter event, please contact me.

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