Thursday, October 25, 2007

Quote: The Market

The market is a good example of evolution in action; the try-everything-and-see-what-works approach. This might provide a perfectly morally satisfactory resource-management system so long as there was absolutely no question of any sentient creature ever being treated purely as one of those resources. The market, for all its (profoundly inelegant) complexities, remains a crude and essentially blind system, and is -- without the sort of drastic amendments liable to cripple the economic efficacy which is its greatest claimed asset -- intrinsically incapable of distinguishing between simple non-use of matter resulting from processal superfluity and the acute, prolonged, and widespread suffering of conscious beings.

-- Iaim M. Banks

And this ignoring what a system based on perpetual growth does to the natural systems it pillages unsustainably for raw materials...

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