Saturday, October 20, 2007

Two New Links

Yesterday I got two emails expressing interest in this site and offering to exchange links with me.

The first was from Maggie of The Other Side. I know Maggie from my time living in Hamilton, Ontario, and haven't heard from her in years. We were both involved in anti-poverty activism and in community radio. The Other Side is her radio show, which she describes as a "weekly current events radio magazine," and the web site that goes with it. If you time it right, you can catch it on the live web stream of 93.3 FM CFMU, but she also archives her show at Radio4All. For her broadcast from 9 October 2007, for example, click here. I've added her site to the "Interesting Radio" category in my sidebar. Check it out!

The other was from Eric of ArmyOfOne. He is a fellow Sudburian. He emailed me months ago, actually -- usually I'm pretty good at following up when people contact me out of the blue, because such contacts are one of the coolest things that comes from having an online presence like this blog, but I dropped the ball and didn't get in touch back then. Though neither of us immediately made the connection -- or at least I didn't -- we have since realized that we actually met in person just by chance a few days after he emailed me, while I was in the process of procuring a new computer. He came across me and my site again more recently via the Sudbury Against War and Occupation site and made another try to get in touch, which I'm very glad of. He is an IT professional who is interested in using his expertise for the purposes of social change...his site characterizes its mission as being to "use technology to remove barriers of religion, nation, economy, self-interest in order to make the hard decisions to restore truth and justice in the world; a world without war, suffering, oppression and inhumanity." I've added the site as a whole to the "Interesting Group or Static Site" section of my sidebar, and the site's blog to my my inspection of the site I've seen both things that he and I would have in common politically -- in particular an anti-war stance -- as well as other areas where our differing takes on things could lead to productive dialogue.

I'm definitely interested in connecting with other people doing political things online (or offline) in the Sudbury area, so I'm pleased to link to Eric's site. There is precious little of that sort of thing in Sudbury, at least in terms of online stuff -- there's the SAWO site, of course, which I'm involved with; local feminist blog Dissilusionment for the 21st Century, which I read regularly; and unfortunately the author of Better Late Than Never decided that he needed to move to Windsor, Ontario, to go to school, so he isn't exactly local anymore, though I am still definitely a reader. And that's all I've found so far. But if anyone else is out there lurking, drop me a line.

Anyway, please give these sites a look, see what you think, perhaps learn a thing or two and maybe engage in some interesting political dialogue!

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