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The Politics of Hip Hop: Sudbury Launch for Upping the Anti #6

Check out the sixth issue of the radical political journal Upping the Anti. Here in Sudbury we are having a launch event called "The Politics of Hip Hop" on May 14. Our event will involve several speakers, discussion, and music videos, and is sparked by the new issue's interview with Mutula Olugbala (aka M-1) from the revolutionary hip hop duo Dead Prez.

First I'll give you a bit more info on the current issue, then I'll paste in some details on the launch event here in Sudbury.

As is always the case, this issue has some really great content. Along with the interview of M-1, I'm particularly excited about the interview with Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz (which a friend here in Sudbury did) and the anti-poverty roundtable from Halifax. And I'm also pleased that a book review by yours truly of Canada's Economic Apartheid is in there, as well as one by another Sudbury friend of Color of Violence: the INCITE! Anthology. As also seems to have become the routine, I have some political problems with the editorial in this issue, but don't let that dissuade you!

Here is the full table of contents:



Mutulu Olugbala: It’s Bigger Than Hip Hop
Roxanna Dunbar-Ortiz: The Opposite of Truth is Forgetting
George Katsiaficas: Remembering May 1968


Joshua Kahn Russell & Brian Kelly: Giving Form to a Stampede: The First Two Years of the New SDS

Eric Newstadt: Accounting for the Student Movement

Caelie Frampton: Response to Newstadt

Jeff Monagham & Kevin Walby: The Green Scare is Everywhere


Kriss Sol: Organizing Against the G8 with Hanne Jobst, Sabu and Go, Miranda and Jaggi Singh.

Alex Khasnabish: Anti-Poverty Organizing in Halifax with Jill Ratcliffe, Capp Larsen, Angela Weal, Susan Lefort, Cole Webber, and James Babbitt.

Book Reviews

David Calnitsky: Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism.

Alexis Shotwell: Color of Violence: the INCITE! Anthology.

Chris Keefer: The Revolution Will Not Be Funded: Beyond the Non-Profit Industrial Complex. INCITE! (ed.).

Scott Neigh Grace-Edward Galabuzi, Canada’s Economic Apartheid.

For the launch event, we decided to use one of the stronger pieces in the issue as a jumping off point to try and create a space in which discussions could happen that would not otherwise happen here in Sudbury. Here are the details:

The Politics of Hip Hop: a launch event for Upping the Anti #6

Join a discussion of hip hop sparked by "Its Bigger Than Hip Hop," an interview with Mutula Olugbala (M-1) from the revolutionary hip hop duo Dead Prez in Upping the Anti 6. This event will include speakers, discussion, and music videos.

With presentations by:

Shana Calixte: "Your Revolution Will not Happen Between these Thighs": Forwarding a Hip Hop Feminist Pedagogy. Shana, queer mom/black feminist/academic, is a lecturer in the Women’s Studies department at Laurentian University.

Robin Desmeules: Who May Play? Investigating Hip Hop and Identity. Robin is a student and musician from the Sudbury area with a passionate interest in the ways that music and politics intersect.

Kaili Beck: Music and the Movement: Using Music as Pedagogy for Social Change. Kaili is a professor of Sociology and Labour Studies at Laurentian University and a consumate music fan.

Alex-Rev: Visions of Hip Hop: Striking a Balance. Alex-Rev is an Original Guerrilla with Common Cause and Sudbury Against War and Occupation, a fan of RBG hip hop, and a helping hand with indigenous rebellion.

Wednesday, May 14, 7:00pm, Laurentian University, Class Room Building, Room C-304

The Class Room Building is located between the Library and the Arts Building at Laurentian University. This is a wheel-chair accessible location. For travel and childcare subsidization, general information, or if you need a ride from downtown to the event and back, be in touch with me.

Upping the Anti is a radical journal of theory and action which provides a space to discuss unresolved questions and dynamics within the anti-capitalist, anti-oppression, and anti-imperialist politics of today’s radical left in Canada. For
more information, go to

Check out the event if you are local, and check out the issue no matter where you are!

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Kandee said...

Ooooh! I can't make it to Sudbury. Would have to drag the little kiddies, howling and screaming. But this is very interesting. I wish it was more widely published. Great event. Thanks for the heads up.