Saturday, June 07, 2008

Blogroll Updates

I've just purged my blogroll, mostly of sites that are gone or on hiatus. Just to prove that I am nothing if not inconsistent, I've kept a couple that are just as inactive in hopes that they get back to blogging.

Meanwhile, I have added some sites. Three of those are by people I know in real life:

  • Check out Notes for a More Coherent Article, written by Brian Burch, who is a Christian anarchist and longtime anti-poverty activist in Toronto. I don't know Brian all that well, but we've been involved in some of the same things over the years, and back when I was in the interviewing stage he made some great participant suggestions for my social movement history project. (I also just noticed as I type this that his blogroll links to my movement history site. Thanks Brian!)

  • Next, have a look at When the Mayor Smiles by Bob Wood. I got to know Bob when he was the executive director of a housing-related agency in Hamilton, Ontario. The focus on municipal politics and the solidly social democratic approach of his blog makes it a bit different than most that I link to, but I did spend a period of time following (and reporting on) municipal issues in Hamilton so I have a soft spot for that, and I'm interested to see what Bob has to say.

  • Last in this group is The Red Toque Diaries, whose author chooses to go by the pseudonym of "The Red Toque" in this context. I first got to know Red Toque when I was recently graduated from university and he was still a student. We've done lots of political things together and were part of an informal affinity group of sorts for a period of time. He currently works as an outreach worker. He doesn't blog often, these days, but I still like to see what he has to say when he gets the chance.

And here are a few more I've stumbled across and want to make a point of checking more regularly:

  • Molly's Blog by Pat Murtagh, who is based in Winnipeg. It is "A blog devoted to anarchism, socialism, evolutionary biolgoy, animal behaviour and a whole raft of other subjects."

  • Troy's Scribbles by Troy Thomas, who identifies himself as "a young radical left-wing Secwepmec Canadian, and member of the cynical, ironic and hip-hop generation."

  • Canadian People of Colour, which at the moment does not seem to feature original writing but is a regular compilation of links to articles, including blogs and the mainstream media, about race and racism in Canada.

Okay. That's it for the moment, but I will continue to tinker over the next little while.

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