Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quote: "Canada's a Liar"

We Aboriginals are dying every day in greater numbers than the colonist population because we are the colonized. Starvation is the life of the oppressed; it is as natural to us as sleeping. It is the disease that makes up our life and wipes out our existence. This is the capitalist system and our legacy of suppression and death. Life is a constant ordeal; we struggle just to stay alive on the edge of survival. Is this really living? Are we not merely lingering until we expire? Like a road map to the grave, the signs are clear: sunken dark eyes, sallow complexion, swollen lips, bleeding gums, emaciated limbs and a swollen belly. It is the curse of dying slowly, day by day, hour by hour. This is not the life of some unknown person in some unknown third-world country. This is the life of the Aboriginal in Canada. The land of the strong, the free and the horrid capitalist, semi-democracy and quasi-humanity. The nation that cheers and applauds its international nature made of humanitarianism, human rights, anti-apartheid, aid to the suffering third-world Native masses. Bullshit -- Canada's a liar. It's hypocritical and two-faced. Look in Canada's back yard, its crimes, inequities and injustices are there to see. Of course, all this is hidden. That is one of the main occupations of Canada's capitalist governments to keep the grisly offenses, and ugly injustices hidden from view especially from the international scene.

-- Howard Adams (from Tortured People: The Politics of Colonization, final page of "Introduction")

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