Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Direct Action For Climate Justice

Breaking news on a direct action in support of climate justice by this group:

10 people are currently occupying Labour Minister's Rona Ambrose's edmonton constituency office to push for climate justice. I am sure they would love your help and support. (more info below)

How you can help:
1.Go down to the office: 6801-170th Street, Edmonton. We need folks especially around 4:30 pm. Food and warm drinks also lovely.

2.Phone the office and demand that Ambrose commit to a just, ambitious and binding climate treaty in Copenhagen that listens to science and is led by those most directly affected by the climate crisis: (780) 495-7705

3.Email Ambrose:

4.Go to the Blog: for updates.

5.Email and find out an action is being organized in your area or organize your own today.

6. Post this to your facebook and change your status to Climate Justice

7. Donate to the legal fund - write a check to: Greenspiration, 214 Macdonell Ave, Toronto, ON, M6R 2A8 and write Citizens for Climate Justice Legal Fund in the memo section or donate online at

8. Send them warm messages on the facebook group Canada Climate Justice -


Citizens Occupy Rona Ambrose's Edmonton Office: call for climate justice in lead-up to Copenhagen talks

November 25, 2009 (Edmonton, Alberta) --- The second of a series of peaceful sit-ins targeting elected officials, tar sands financiers, and the coal and tar sands industries began at 11:00 am at Labour Minister Rona Ambrose's Edmonton constituency office (6801 170 St.) today. 10 people entered the office and have staged a peaceful sit-in - refusing to leave until the federal government commits to combating the climate crisis and stems the deaths and displacements of millions that will result from further inaction. The occupation follows a similar occupation that was held on Monday at Environment Minister Jim Prentice's office in Calgary.

"While our government delays millions of people will die or become displaced due to the climate crisis. By stalling and blocking progress the Canadian government is saying it doesn't care about the lives of those currently and most affected by the climate crisis,” said Martin Tweedale, one of the people occupying the office. “Rona Ambrose must put pressure on the Government to act and push for a just, ambitious, and binding deal that listens to the science, and is led by those most directly impacted by the climate crisis."

Inaction on climate change is already displacing and killing millions, and sending many into poverty. The UN estimates there will be 150 million climate refugees by 2050.

“Canada's economy is being left behind, our environment is being decimated and we are telling those most vulnerable that their lives don't matter. Rona Ambrose should be investing in green jobs not carbon intensive industries like the tar sands. The US government invested 14 times more per person in renewable energy than Canada last year,” said Keely Kidner. “We’ve held rallies, phone-ins, flash mobs, we’ve written and talked to our MP’s and nothing has changed. Now we are taking the next step, in the tradition of Gandhi and the Civil Rights Movement to do our part to solve the greatest environmental threat of our time."

The sit-in is still ongoing. The police have been called and there is potential for arrest.

Information about the call for civil disobedience for climate justice, as well as updates on actions set to take place across Canada in the coming weeks is online at:


For More Information Contact:

Keely Kidner: 780 695 9057
Martin Tweedale: 780 490 8015

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In the Canada Climate Justice Facebook "group" -
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