Sunday, April 25, 2010

Video: Visioning Otherwise: Imagining a World Without Capitalism

It feels a little tacky to be posting video from the same source twice in a relatively short period, but I feel I have to repost these two talks (via LeftStreamed) from a recent event in Toronto.

The first is by renowned Canadian left historian Ian McKay. He's a smart guy, he does some important work, and some of his core points about how to think about history deserve to be taken very seriously, though there are certainly areas where I think about things a bit differently than he does. In any case, he talks about making Canadian left history relevant to current movements -- if you have read his two most recent books, you're probably familiar with most of what he says here, and if not, it's a good introduction to what he's all about.

McKay's talk is worth listening to, but for me the real point in posting the videos of this event is the other talk, the one by third generation Palestinian refugee to Lebanon, doctoral candidate, spoken word artist, and activist Rafeef Ziadah. If you are only going to watch a little bit of these videos, watch the first section of part 2, where she is speaking. She is an amazing speaker -- I've been lucky enough to hear her in person a couple of times. She talks here about concrete questions of how we make movements happen and she does so with incredible insight and a groundedness that is far too rare. Listen to her!

Visioning Otherwise from LeftStreamed on Vimeo.


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