Friday, September 15, 2006

A Canadian Lefty's Master List of Book Reviews

For my own convenience, I decided to assemble a "master list" of book reviews that I have published on this site. Here is that list.

This list links to most but not all reviews and responses to books that have appeared here. I say "most" because early on there were a few kind-of-reviews that really aren't long enough to be worth listing, and there may be one or two reviews that I really don't like at all any more and so I don't want to draw attention to them by mentioning them. There are many more that I would write quite differently now, given that my knowledge base, life experience, and analysis have all evolved over the life of this blog and will continue to evolve...that's the potentially vulnerable side of putting at least part of your intellectual growth on public display. Anyway, here they are, and I will continue to add new ones to this post as I write them.

CATEGORIESIndigenousFeminist/Pro-FeministGeneral Anti-Racism/WhitenessAfrican Canadian/African AmericanSouth Asian Canadian/South Asian AmericanQueer/SexualityPeace/WarLabour/ClassNeoliberalism and Struggles Against ItWelfare StateSocial Democratic, Socialist, and Communist HistoryGeneral Movement HistoryGeneral Canadian HistoryOther HistoryMarxist and Anarchist Theory, and Left Theory That Doesn't Fit ElsewhereShameInternationalReligion/TheologyPsychiatry/Anti-Psychiatry/Mind DoctorsParenting and PedagogyMemoirDisability Pop CultureNation and NationalismOther Stuff