Saturday, August 18, 2007

More Housekeeping: Getting Back to Normal

As promised in my "Infrequent Posts" post, posting has been infrequent this past week, just as it was the previous week. I did have more time to work than I had expected, but I spent most of that dealing with unexpected 'new computer' issues and working on a piece in response to a call for submissions by a book project looking for relatively informal essays that just happen to be connected to the work-related writing I'm doing at the moment -- didn't get as much of that done as I'd hoped, but I got a decent start on it. I'll share more details at a later date, including the piece itself if it gets rejected.

In any case, though it would be unwise to expect a sudden flood of posts, I will be easing back into what should be a prolonged period of somewhat less scarce work time starting at the beginning of next week, so a more normal frequency should resume, though this remains my top priority.

Oh...and in terms of the new computer...well, I spoke before all the facts were in when downplaying the hardware-related coolness of it all. I found out after I wrote that that I will have unexpected free, if occasionally interrupted, access to a second good monitor, so on the advice of my partner (who at work has operated this way for the last couple of years) I invested a few dollars in a good graphics card. This card can do a lot of fancy things I don't need, but the feature that interests me is that it allows me to run both monitors at once as one big desktop. Getting that working occupied yesterday evening. Right now, its main benefit seems to be that it feels all cool and high tech-like, but my partner assures me that when you are deep into the guts of some multi-window research, writing, bibliographizing, just-like-sausage-making-you-don't-want-to- see-how-it-got-there document production, it does provide efficiencies.

Okay. This is the last self-indulgent housekeeping post for awhile, and I'll be back to my usual fare shortly.

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