Friday, January 25, 2008

Sudbury Demands Marleau Vote Against Secret Trials!

Earlier this afternoon, 12 or 15 people -- members and supporters of Sudbury Against War and Occupation (SAWO) and other members of the community -- gathered in front of the office of Liberal MP Diane Marleau to demand that she vote against Bill C-3. A couple of members of the group presented our basic objections to this legislation, in English and French. These objections can be found in our media release from earlier in the week. One individual who had sent a letter to Marleau shared some of the content of a response she had received and talked about why she found it unsatisfactory. Another member read a statement against C-3 from the local representative of the Canadian Labour Congress, who was out of town and so could not attend herself. Here is the text of the statement:

Dear Community members and Brothers & Sisters,

Unfortunately neither myself or any of my colleagues from the Canadian Labour Congress could attend your event in person today due to other commitments. We are pleased to provide you with a message of support for your efforts and commitments in ensuring that issues such as this one remains at the forefront.

Bill C-3 infringes on human rights and we need to continue to pressure elected members to vote against it. We cannot and should not allow such a Bill to pass. Two-tiered justice, indefinite detention, inadequate due process, and deportation to torture basically removes the right to be considered innocent until proven guilty. Same is unconstitutional.

It is extremely important that elected members, such as Diane Marleau, clearly state their intentions when asked whether they will vote in favour or against bills that are brought forward.

Lately it would seem that avoiding important issues or votes is the flavour of the day for Liberals. In the last months the Liberals have preferred to sit on their hands when votes matter most. Why bother running for office if you refuse to take a stand on issues that violate human rights and that impact on people and communities. An elected representative should not opt out of a democratic process.

Be assured that the Labour movement stands in Solidarity with you on demanding that elected representatives vote agains Bill C-3.

Solidarity Forever!

Carol Hughes
CLC Representative – Northeast Region

The federal NDP candidate for the Sudbury riding, Gerry McIntaggert, attended and also spoke briefly against Bill C-3. To close the event, we offered a cell phone so that anyone who had not yet had an opportunity to voice their objections to C-3 to Marleau or her staff could call in to the office. Throughout, those of us gathered to oppose C-3 also had opportunities to talk to passers-by and offer them fliers about the legislation.

In terms of media, interviews were done at the action by Channel 10 News, MCTV, and the Sudbury Star, and a local radio station did a phone interview with a SAWO member after the event.

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