Saturday, August 23, 2008

Walk4Justice in Sudbury

If you are in Sudbury tomorrow, please come out to support the Walk4Justice, a group of indigenous women walking across the country for the over 3000 women who have gone missing or been murdered in the last forty years.

Here is the text of a community announcement about the event:

Community Announcement
Walk4Justice in Sudbury August 24-25 Update

SUDBURY, ONTARIO, August 21, 2008. - Walk4Justice is a group of Indigenous women walking for the over 3000 women who have gone missing or been murdered in the last forty years in the northern part of Turtle Island (Canada), the majority being Indigenous women. Walk4justice will arrive in the Sudbury area this Sunday August 24th between 11am and noon.

● We are asking Supporters to gather to greet them at the Whitefish turn off at the intersection of Highway 17 and Regional Rd. 55 at 11:00am (all times are approximate and check with Gary at 523-2205 or Carole at 562-6215 to confirm). Supporters will then walk with them towards Sudbury. The walk can be intermittent (walk/ride in a car). Once the group gets into the City, they stop walking and drive in so as not to disturb traffic. If you need a lift to get there or if you can transport other people out to this location please contact Gary or Carol.

● At 1:30 pm supporters will meet them at the main entrance to Laurentian University on Ramsey Lake Road and walk together to the welcoming ceremony at the Tipi in the courtyard behind the Classroom and Arts Buildings. The welcome will include smudging, drumming, a prayer, and several speakers. This will be followed by a community feast. The walkers will be staying at the Student Centre at Laurentian University overnight and will be participating in a breakfast at the N’Swakamok Friendship Centre on Monday morning from 8-10am. They will be leaving Sudbury to walk towards Toronto at 10am on August 25th. If you can assist with any of these activities please contact Gary or Carol.

A number of indigenous and non-indigenous groups and individuals in the Sudbury community have come together to support Walk4Justice. This includes Sudbury Against War and Occupation, Shkagamik-Kwe Health Centre, Women’s Ad Hoc Steering Committee, YWCA Sudbury, the Sudbury and District Labour Council, Canadian Labour Congress, White Bear Singers, Native Student Affairs at Laurentian University, Students’ General Association at Laurentian University, N’Swakamok Friendship Centre, White Buffalo Road Healing Lodge, New Democratic Party, Canadian Auto Workers/Mine Mill Local 598 and United Steel Workers Local 2020. Across the country the Walk4Justice is supported by the Native Women’s Association of Canada, Amnesty International and many other organizations.

Walk4Justice started their walk from Vancouver June 21st and are making their way to Ottawa. As they go from community to community the walkers are remembering those who are missing, gathering their names and their stories. On September 15, they will rally on Parliament Hill to demand a response from the federal government to the violence against Indigenous women. Walk4Justice is calling on the Federal Minister of Justice, the Attorney General of Canada and the British Columbia Attorney General for a full public inquiry into the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women.

For more information contact : Gary Kinsman (523-2205) or Carol Hughes (562-6215). E-mail:

And if you don't live in Sudbury, check around on the net to see if the walk is coming to your community!

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