Sunday, March 01, 2009

Talks on Technology and Autonomist Marxism in Sudbury

In two weeks, Nick Dyer-Witheford will be visitng Sudbury and doing two talks, one on the role of gaming in constituting consciousness in the context of 21st century capitalism, and the other called "Autonomist Marxism and 21st Century Communism." The event is sponsored by radical political journal Upping the Anti. Here are the details:

Two Talks by Nick Dyer-Witheford on Empire@Play and 21st Century Communism
Nick Dyer-Witheford teaches in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at the University of Western Ontario and is the author of Cyber-Marx: Cycles and Circuits of Struggle in High Technology Capitalism (1999) which provides an analysis of information-age capitalism and the movements currently dissolving it.

* Monday March 16
Empire at Play: Virtual Games & Global Capital
1:30pm, Room FA-O55 (Upper Fraser) Laurentian University.
Video and computer games are the exemplary media of today’s Empire of global capital. Just as the eighteenth-century novel was a textual apparatus generating the bourgeois personality required by mercantile colonialism (but also capable of criticizing it), and as twentieth-century cinema and television were integral to industrial consumerism (yet screened some of its darkest depictions), so virtual games are media constitutive of twenty-first century planetary hyper-capitalism and, perhaps, also of lines of exodus from it.

* Tuesday March 17
Autonomist Marxism and 21st Century Communism
10am, Room C-207 (Classroom Building), Laurentian University.

For more information on these talks contact Gary Kinsman at 675-1151 ext. 4221. Sponsored by Upping the Anti...a journal of theory and action

Come on out if you're in town!

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thwap said...

Sounds like a cool book that technology thing. I'll try to buy a copy in the summer when i'll be flush with cash@@@